For nearly sixty years, engineers have relied upon Rotork for innovative, dependable solutions to manage the flow of liquids, gases and powders. Rotork products and services are helping companies in the oil & gas, water and waste water, power, marine, mining, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries around the world to improve efficiency, assure safety and protect the environment.

Rotork is the market leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company that operates in any market where the flow of gases or liquids needs to be controlled. It has established manufacturing facilities, a global network of local offices and agents who can truly provide a worldwide service. You will be able to locally source Rotork’s products, supported by life-of-plant maintenance, repair and upgrade services.


Rotork specialise in producing actuators and related equipment for every part of the petro-chemical industry, including production, processing, distribution and storage. With over 50 years’ experience in serving the industry, we are the world’s largest independent manufacturer of heavy duty valve actuators and our products control thousands of valves in petro-chemical plants across the world.


Rotork has more than 50 years’ experience in serving the water industry worldwide, which has culminated in products that have been developed and fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of our water company customers. Rotork valve actuators are widely recognised as being the most technically advanced, reliable, long life, watertight, and user-friendly actuators in the business. They also provide a number of unique cost saving benefits that particularly help water industry customers.

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Rotork specialises in actuators and flow control products for the mining industry including:

  • Underground applications including: Pumping Stations, Ventilation/Cooling, Dust Suppression and Dewatering
  • Surface Processing including: Slurry/Tailings Pipelines, Refining/Smelting, Tailings and Dewatering
  • Other Surface Operations include: Coal Seam Gas Production, Transportation and Storage, Electricity Generation and Process Water Treatment

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