Customer: Bechtel

End User: Chevron

Location: Angola


Requirement: In February of 2008, Bechtel proceeded with construction of a 5.2 million-metric-ton-per-year liquefied natural gas (LNG) train as part of the Angola LNG project. Control systems on gas compression trains place great demands on valves within the process. Requirements for continual control with the ability to provide full capacity within seconds add to the strain on the valves in the system. Bechtel knew control would be especially critical for the Angola LNG project. They required a special breed of valves that would respond quickly and accurately to control signals to protect plant equipment in a way that would not impact process stability.

Solution: Bechtel turned to CCI to provide over 50 severe service DRAG valves including anti-surge high pressure recycle valves for LNG liquefaction service. The 36”X42” valves had 36” plugs that required a 30” stroke to be actuated in 1.5 seconds. CCI responded to requirements for speed, accuracy and control by utilizing the latest innovation of the Quick Track 30 from STI, a specially designed derivative of their existing intelligent digital valve controller. Quick Track 30 combines microprocessor-based control systems with a valve-positioning device for dependable pneumatic actuator control without the use of boosters. The elimination of mechanical linkages provides for better efficiency, control and faster, more cost efficient installation. All of the valves provided to Bechtel utilize CCI’s revolutionary DRAG technology.


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ASCO Valve – Leadership and Innovation in Valve Products and Valve Systems


ASCO, in 1888 started out manufacturing elevator, compressor and generator controls. In 1910 ASCO became the first company to develop and manufacture a new electrically operated control device known as the solenoid valve. ASCO continued its development activity in these product areas and today manufactures products that are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam – practically every kind of liquid or gaseous substance.

ASCO’s heritage of innovation has resulted in an extensive line of products that range from two position on/off valves to entire flow control solutions designed to provide thousands of customer specific solutions.

In the late 1950’s ASCO begins to expand internationally . Now having manufacturing and sales in over 42 countries.

In the mid 1970’s additional products were introduced, such as, air-operated valves, manual reset valves and pressure and temperature switches to satisfy the ever increasing demand of new applications.

ASCO buys Angar Scientific in 1983 the manufacturer of micro-miniature solenoid valves, now a part of our ASCO Miniature product line.
In 1985 ASCO is acquired by Emerson Electric Co., a fortune 100 company located in St Louis, Missouri. Emerson Industrial Automation Emerson ranks among the world’s largest and most respected industrial corporations.

Emerson in 1988 buys Joucomatic, Europe’s leading name in pneumatic valves, and combines it into the ASCO family.

ASCO NumaticsIn 2008 ASCO and Numatics, companies of Emerson Industrial Automation, merged operations in North America to form ASCO Numatics — a unified company that offers comprehensive flow control and pneumatics solutions for a wide range of industry-focused applications


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