PK Valves World Leading Cast Valve

Established in 1946, PK Valve became the first company housed in the Changwon National Industrial Complex in 1974. Since its inception, it has strived to grow into Korea’s number one industrial valve manufacturer handling every relevant process, from product development, design and modeling to testing, casting, machining, assembly, inspection, painting and packaging, on its own with an integrated production system.

Leading the industry building on quality control and production systems in compliance with global standards, the company aims for customized manufacturing and tailored services while running systematic production programs to meet the demands of each client as well as industrial standards and regulations.

PK Valve has developed valve products for nuclear power generation, cryogenic high temperature and pressure through 66 years of continuous R&D efforts, aggressive investment and top-notch quality management. The products have found their way into not only the domestic market but more than 70 countries around the world. They are currently in use in various industrial settings such as petrochemical plants and oil refineries, nuclear power stations, gas and LNG facilities, marine, desalination and environmental plants, etc.


Service Features

• Several trim combinations available for various services.
• Straight-through port design offering a good flow with minimum frictional loss and turbulence.
• Cast steel Valve suitable for works demanding strength, shock resistance, elongation and heat resistance.
• Bottom seating of seat rings ground accurately for maximum strength and tightness(globe).
• Bypass mounting to equalize pressures.
• Normal yoke bushing furnished with ductility resistant to high melting point of above 2200°F.
• Level and weight available to accelerate/decelerate disc closing (swing check).
• Designed for maximum flow with minimum pressure drop if possible.
• Precision-ground seating surfaces and revolving disc providing a long life.
In the refineries, power plants, utilities and petrochemical/chemical process industries, PK cast steel valve have been regarded as of great importance about their excellent performance and reliability.
By discriminatory blending of carefully selected materials combined with sound design and precision machining/assembly under strict quality controls, PK steel valve have gained general and wide acceptance.
The products are manufactured in accordance with ASTM, ANSI, or other international standards.



Gate Valves

Rubber Seat Butterfly Valves (Concentric Design)

Serves as efficient stop valves with flow in either direction. They are commonly used where a minimum of pressure drop is important because they offer practically no resistance to flow
when fully open. Throttling is not conducive to accurate and consistent flow control. Also the valves may be damaged by the high velocity across the seats. They function best fully open
or fully closed.


Globe Valve

The globe valve is used where throttling alone or both throttling and shutoff is needed.

Cryogenic Valve

Cryogenic valve are specially engineered and designed for piping systems used in the storage and transport of liquefied gasses such as LNG and liquid nitrogen and oxygen.

Ball Valve

Ball valves are mainly designed to conform API 6D and ASME B16.34.

Triple Offset Type

Triple offset metal seat butterfly valve provide a bi-directional and bubble-tight shutoff which is attributed to the geometry of triple offset seat.

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