DRAG® Compressor Recycle Anti-surge Valve

Severe service anti-surge and compressor recycle solution

CCI has been designing and building compressor anti-surge valves for 50 years.

The optimum solution for safety and reliability, CCI’s compressor recycle and anti-surge valve combines premium DRAG® flow control technology with reliable fast stroking actuation. The result is a complete severe service valve solution designed to give your compressor recycle system maximum reliability, efficiency, and control.

The DRAG® disk stack controls flow velocity to provide low noise and exceptional reliability. Flow energy and velocity are kept under control, to minimise wear and ensure reliable performance and longevity. Control is provided by CCI’s fast acting pneumatic actuator – which provides one-second stroking times, fast and accurate control, and simple and reliable operation.

Benefits of this proven design include:

  • fast actuation, continual control
  • reliable performance
  • exceptional shutoff, minimised leakage
  • attenuation of noise and vibration

Accurate control and reliable operation

CCI has a long history of developing advanced technology valves and actuation systems. We have developed the most reliable pneumatic actuation system available for a severe service control valve. For 30 years, we have supplied this design to customers across the world and it has proved to be a reliable, accurate, and fast-acting control solution. For anti-surge and recycle applications, CCI’s pneumatic actuation system can deliver stroke speeds of less than one second while maintaining precise resolution and control.

Control systems on gas compression trains place severe demands on the control valves. The need for continual control, with the ability to provide full capacity within seconds, adds to the strains on the valves. CCI’s compressor recycle and anti-surge solutions combine established trim and actuation designs to give optimal performance and long valve life.

source: www.imi-critical.com

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